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*11/18/99-Added the drawing board section fer some of my drawings

*10/12/99-Added sound clips for DOTU in the discography/sounds section.

*9/19/99-Made another Winamp skin and added it to the downloads section.

Aiight, Scratching Post is probably best described as hard rock with a bit of pop vocals thrown in, and they kick ass! Nicole's vocals are great, plus she's got a smile that could melt the hearts of the manliest of men=) Well, anyway this is my page and it's pretty welfare lookin cuz I don't got any cool graphics programs to make it look better, but hell, who cares? The page'll just load faster without 'em, but I could use a new SP logo. Until I get one I'll just have to steal Nicole's. Anyone out there willing to donate one to my sad page?=^) . Oh yeah, I also made a Scratching Post skin for Winamp. You can check it in the downloads section.







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