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* Birthday:April 19th! I'm an Aries so watch out!
* Favourite Bands: BOSTON, Weezer, Shania Twain (I'm not kidding either!), Voivod, Urge Overkill
* Favourite Food: Grilled cheese sandwiches (with Velveeta!)
*Pinball Machine: I've always loved the Guns'n'Roses pinball machine but I have a new favourite: MONSTER BASH!!! This machine rules! Plus, it's got an amazing multi-ball!
* Annoyance: Just about everything but in particular the word "Absolutely". It kills me everytime...
* Favourite Video:I have this kind of sick obsession with the Mel C/Bryan Adams video--I just can't change the channel when it comes on!
* Favourite Magazine: Jane!
* Favourite Rock Book: "I'm With The Band" by Pamela DesBarres
* Dream Date: Any suggestions would be welcome...;)... a beer, some pinball, maybe watching some hockey and the first Boston album would be a good start
* Favourite Movie:Spirit of '76 (starring the McDonald brothers from Redd Kross)