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* Birthday:September 14!
* Favourite Food:Phil is a strict vegitarian
* Favourite Bands:Bootsauce, Sons of Freedom, Moist, V.I.P, The Flys, Eve 6, Semi Sonic...Slayer.
* Dream Date:Staying in with a girl, watching "The Kids of Widney High" video
* Pinball Machine:Guns'n'Roses
* Favourite Video:"Midnight Mover" by Accept
* Bass of Choice:Gibson RD Artist (also owns a Fender Precision)
* Annoyance:New Rolling Stones
* Favourite Magazine:Big Brother, YM
* Favourite Hobbies:Skateboarding and looking at girls
* Favourite Book:Anything from the Sweet Valley High series
* Phil's Top 5 Movies:
1. Heavy Metal Parking Lot
2. Revenge of the Nerds
3. The Blues Brothers
4. Repo Man
5. Thrashin'